Healthy Communities from the Land to the Lake

Part of an information series on managing water, running off of land during storm events, as part of the Rural Stormwater Management Model (RSWMM) Project. This is a shorter version (five minutes) of a video overview of the project.

Healthy Communities from the Land to the Lake

Healthy Lake Huron - Clean Water, Clean Beaches is a concerted effort to address nuisance algae concerns and to promote safe and clean beaches and shorelines from Sarnia to Tobermory.

Six key watersheds have been identified as priorities for immediate action.  This group is now working together with local partners to develop and support the implementation of watershed management plans, with specific targeted actions, as well as monitoring and research, for each priority area.

More about who Healthy Lake Huron is

We are all a #PieceofthePuzzle

Part of the diverse landscape of the Lake Huron basin.  Photo: Courtesy of Dan Holm/The Word & Image Studio.


Lake Huron is big - and big can mean complicated! Over the next few months, the Healthy Lake Huron team will share aspects of the Lake Huron Watershed story.
Jen Pate, of Bayfield, says we need to work together to protect Lake Huron


Love Your Greats Day second Saturday of August

A day to celebrate our Great Lakes, called Love Your Greats, takes place the second Saturday of August.
Earthworm middens are good for soil and for water


Earthworm middens - good for soil and water

Do you know what an earthworm midden is? Do you know what it means for the health of soil and the quality of water?