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Cover Crops Doing Well in Huron County

(Posted: 2017-07-26)  Second year of Huron County Clean Water Project's cover crops incentive category surpasses surprising success of first year

Rural Septic Systems

(Posted: 2017-07-08)  Faulty septic systems are hazardous to your health, the environment...and your wallet.

Great Lakes Agricultural Stewardship Initiative

(Posted: 2017-06-10)  There is still some funding available for the 2017-2018 program year if you act now.

Huron County continues to support landowner work to protect water

(Posted: 2017-04-28)  Huron County landowners, community groups have completed more than 2,236 water-quality projects with support of Huron Clean Water Project

Microplastics threaten Great Lakes

(Posted: 2017-04-07)  Geographer, filmmaker, and Great Lakes sampling project co-leader provides warning about harmful microplastics but offers examples of people stepping forward to clean up Great Lakes.

Rain Gardens for home owners

(Posted: 2017-03-27)  Bayfield and area residents learn about rain gardens at workshop for homeowners

Canada, Ontario work to keep microplastics out of lakes

(Posted: 2016-09-12)  Help keep microplastics out of Lake Huron through stormwater management

Faulty septic systems

(Posted: 2016-09-05)  Hazardous to your health, the environment and your wallet

Rented farmland: Who's implementing best management practices?

(Posted: 2016-08-29)  Important for landowners, farm renters to plan for best management practices; Increased amount of rented farmland makes it important to discuss BMPs

Protect water quality, plant rain gardens

(Posted: 2016-08-22)  Main Bayfield Watershed, Bluewater Beach Committee engage people in creation of local rain gardens

Improving Pine River one project at a time!

(Posted: 2016-08-15)  The Pine River Watershed Initiative Network has completed many environmental projects.

Lake Huron plays important role for Historic Saugeen Métis

(Posted: 2016-08-08)  Traditional knowledge can help work to sustain land, water for future generations

Project to reduce phosphorus loss, measure reductions

(Posted: 2016-08-01)  Huron subwatersheds chosen for OSCIA Great Lakes Agricultural Stewardship Initiative project to measure improvements in soil health, water quality, evaluate effectiveness of focused agricultural stewardship

Kettle and Stony Point First Nation controlling Phragmites

(Posted: 2016-07-25)  Species returning as invasive reed is managed

Dude, Where's My Beach?

(Posted: 2016-07-18)  Lake water levels changed from low to high, showing how levels change unpredictably

Beach water quality can change with weather

(Posted: 2016-07-11)  Find out about E. coli, beach conditions before deciding where, when to swim

Cover crops reduce loss of topsoil, nutrients

(Posted: 2016-07-04)  Healthy soil benefits food production, water quality

Reducing erosion, promoting soil health benefits

(Posted: 2016-06-30)  Farming practices have evolved to stop erosion by wind and water, promote soil health, and prevent soil degradation.

The Importance of Reducing Phosphorus Discharge

(Posted: 2016-06-13)  What Lake Huron can learn from Lake Erie.

Lake Huron communities help to clean up shoreline

(Posted: 2016-06-06)  Each year, St. Clair Region Conservation Authority (SCRCA) hosts a shoreline cleanup at Centre Ipperwash Beach.

Feature Article

Cover crops like those shown in the photo reduce erosion, lessen impacts on water,  and protect and improve soil health.
Cover Crops Doing Well in Huron County
Second year of Huron County Clean Water Project's cover crops incentive category surpasses surprising success of first year
Wednesday, July 26, 2017


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